Experience the integral wellbeing

Maiavé, located in Sheraton Buganvilias Resort has been designed to live unique holistic experiences. Its a place for resting, and wellbeing hydrotherapy benefits.

Maiavé Spa its a space to disconect from rutine chaos, and oasis por physical balance, mental emotional and espiritual.




Hydrotherapy Circuit


Master Suite


Área de relajamiento

A unique spa concept

“…Legend says young beautiful mexican godess Mayahuel on the road for transformation chose as a new home the fertile grounds of the zone. In a fullmoon night she transformed in a majestic agave to share her magic, wholeness with her beloved village; joy, food, beverage and shadow”

We associated healing properties from agave with the Mayahuel legend, to create Maiavé Spa. A unique concept related with the divine, joyness, opulence and vital fullness.

The Maiavé experience

Discover the magic to feel harmony.

Breathe the scents, observe the colors, taste delicacies, listen to the music, and feel the pleasure that sorrounds you… Live the intense relaxation, peace, and harmony in Maiavé Spa.


Delight yourself with a unique experience.

All beings receive energy and nourishment from water, earth, fire and air, a side from the vital space. The key for health and wellbeing consist on integrating and balancing these strenghts in a body, mind, spirit and emotions.

In our collections we fuse therapies and health techniques with the healing power of nature. Plants, agave extracts, essential oils, floral elixir, gems, cristals, sludges. Only the best to harmonize your senses, revitalizing your body and resting your mind.

Water Collection

Inmerse yourself in the elixir of life
Different temperatures and pressures will relax and revitalize your body in Manare. An exclusive hyfrotheraphy service consisting of a sauna, steam, Swiss and pressure showers. As well as a cold pool, foot bath, jacuzzi, sensation pool and janzu pool to enjoy a relaxing sensory experience.

Earth Collection

Enjoy the benefits of nature
The healing power of plant oils and elixirs will nourish your body, harmonize your mind and delight your senses.

Fire Collection

Pamper yourself with the energy of transformation

Air Collection

Revitalize your mind and body

Vital Space Collection

Connect with your inner

Sunlight Collection

Moments to shine, feel and look better than ever.

Sunlight Collection

Image Center

Moments to shine, feel and look better than ever

Our imaging services will highlight your beauty and make you look radiant. The specialized staff of our Image Center will become your best ally to take care of your appearance.

Maiavé Celebrations

Get ready for one of the most important days of your life

Bridal Packages

We know that your wedding day must be perfect. Our experts will help you get prepared beforehand so you may be relaxed and beautiful in this long awaited event Enjoy our packages in the exclusive facilities of the Bridal Master Suite in Maiavé Spa.

Maiavé Spa Packages

We have created a variety of perfect packages for every occasion, designed to relax and recover you from fatigue and daily stress.


Celebrate your bridal shower, birthdays and anniversaries with us or just enjoy a spa moment with friends and family. Our specialists will be able to design a program of services and treatments according to your needs.

Maiavé Village

Relax in a natural environment

A peaceful place to get away from worries, to relax and to enjoy a serene environment, surrounded by nature. Our spa suites are the best place to find inner peace and reconnect with yourself.

Kids & Teens

Younger guests can also enjoy the spa benefits.
We offer spa services for children and teens from 6 to 17 years old with qualified therapists.


In all our facilities you will find a quiet and pleasant atmosphere. Maiavé is the ideal place to forget about stress, get away from tension and relax your body and mind.


The perfect setting to find yourself. An area for activities such as yoga or tai chi, or simply meditate, pray and reflect.

Fitness Center

In an atmosphere surrounded by nature, our cutting-edge equipment and specialized trainers will help you to take care of your body.


Extend your treatments to home, purchase our exclusive products to take care of yourself and relax in any place.


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